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Introduction to a Holistic Lifestyle

Why I always focus on the healthy benefits of Peruvian Cuisine..

I grew up a skinny girl eating foods from the local market in my neighborhood in Lima, always enjoying life with my many friends. However when I was in my thirties, things started to change…

Having eating disorders and not feeling good about yourself is never a good feeling…. I’ve been there. While married, kids and starting my business, I had different priorities and forgot about myself. I truly lost myself. Aside from other challenges, I started gaining weight, to hit a peak of 170, a lot for my height.

Until one day, I just got tired of it! I knew enough was enough! That was back in 2010.

One day, while working on my business and being out networking, I met a woman that made a comment to me about a holistic doctor in NYC that has helped her so much with her weight and I decided to make an appointment, so I met Dr. Salzarulo. Right then, I made the decision to change my life, to live a healthy life using wholesome foods and ingredients and I became vegan for a few months. I started researching ingredients that have healing properties, specially Peruvian ingredients because intuitively I have always knew of the connection with the Pachamama (earth) and the produce, and the emphasis the Peruvian farmers put in to this connection. Through this, I’ve discovered that the simpler and natural foods, the tastier and better for your body and soul. I also have learned about the spiritual meanings of our health diseases and foods that can help you heal certain illnesses. Doctor Salzarulo, was my doctor and then became my friend and mentor too, we will talk about anything spiritual. I became very conscious of my healthy habits and ways of being, and even though I haven’t seen him in a while, I am very grateful to him and I would always recommend him to anyone.

Just thinking of the ingredients that are staple in Peru, quinoa, artichokes, peppers, corn (purple and regular), Aji peppers, fish and seafood, potatoes, (fresh and dry) -all of them have health benefits, in addition to being part of delicious meals. No wonder that the ancient Peruvians who initiated the wonderful journey of Peruvian cuisine knew how to really cook delicious dishes and also were conscious of how good the food was for them and the connection of their gods to it.

How is my journey going? Well, now I focus more on eating and drinking foods and beverages that are good for my body (more water, unsweetened chicha, emoliente), fruits and vegetables and also legumes (lentils, beans) are part of our weekly meals. Local farmers markets are my favorite spot to buy local, sustainable food and still getting my Peruvian staple ingredients right from Peru.

I am also focusing on activities that nurture my soul, such running, yoga, dancing along with daily meditation, and I just love riding my bike, such a freeing feeling for me!

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