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My TEDxAsburyPark Audition Talk

I always envisioned myself talking with people and becoming a public speaker. My first real talk was about 3 years ago at a local high school during Hispanic Heritage month, I spoke with over 1,300 students about my pride of being Hispanic and inspiring them to follow their dreams.

Then I have been part of my kids career day, talking to the students about my career and my journey as a business owner. Every year when doing my vision board, public speaking was part of it, I will cut and paste pictures and would look at it every day. However, even though my intention has been to inspire people through my food, writing and talks, when I saw the opportunity to apply to TEDxAsburyPark and share my story I knew it was time to dig into the core of my being.

When I made the decision to apply, the synchronicities started to happen. I met the right people, that introduce me to other people that introduce me to the right coach, and also got a second coach, my friend John who has been so much help. And then I realized that some of the people that volunteer for this amazing event, are people that know me in some way, through my food.

The theme of the TEDx talk in Asbury Park this year was CHAOS, and honestly, this theme was very close to me and I knew I could clearly identify food and chaos to my life.

My talk title being Does Food Brings you love or Chaos? represents my-self-journey looking for love through food, how becoming a chef and business owner was great to nourish others with my food and delicious cuisine while at the same time I was hurting myself with my food choices and other choices I was making in my life.

Writing and sharing my story has been one of the most healing acts I have ever done for myself, through that, I fully accepted and embraced my inner child, and love her more than ever. It helped me open my heart, feel the love and joy within and love myself truly, for the first time.

I had many insecurities showing up for the speech, my accent, being able to be understood and the fear I had to overcome to open myself to the world, bring the real me by being vulnerable and transparent through my story. Regardless of any insecurities, I knew deep in my heart it was time, and I didn’t, I didn’t stop.  My hope is that many people connected with what I shared and if going through what I have gone through, make a choice to nourish themselves.

If you would like to watch my audition talk and the other amazing speakers audition also, go to TedxAsburyPark Facebook page, they have the video available.

My true hope is that I get chosen, I have an amazing message to share, however, I have learned to let go of any outcomes and trust that whatever decision happens, it’s ok,  that is the beauty of trusting the universe and living in the unknown.




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