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My Beautiful French Connection

Ma belle connexion Française….

The first time I came to France was in 2007, I went directly to Nice and then Cannes to be part of the American Pavillion at the Cannes Film Festival. It was an amazing experience, the best part is that I got to meet amazing people! and even though I am not in constant contact, I am still consider them my friends.

I also went to beautiful Paris and spent a few days there, but definitely my heart stayed in the South of France, the French Riviera.

And when things come from the heart, all the synchronicities happened, I met one person that introduced me to someone else and I also joined an amazing Facebook group called Network Provence and Moving to Aix-en- Provence and met incredible women, then the rest is history, I met the most supportive people, ever.

I stayed in a beautiful Provençal home in Celony, 20 minutes away from the center, and by the time we arrived, I had scheduled my first class for the following day. Honestly but the time I arrived I was lost but  tried to keep my posture for my kids but I can gladly said that I met an amazing woman, Rosmery, that happened to be Peruvian, that became our guardian angel during our trip. She made sure we get to the places I needed to go to get ready for my class. The Peruvian cooking classes went great! I really enjoyed my time while in France, the fresh, delicious, homemade food, the artisanal cheeses and wine, the people, not only from France but from all over the world, the beauty of Provence, everything. A lot of people that attended the classes had knowledge of Peruvian food and some didn’t, and I can gladly say they loved it!

Then, a couple of months later, I came back to Provence on my own, a much needed solo trip, a time to reconnect with my soul, through my food! This time I rented an apartment in the center of Aix-en-Provence, a beautiful and convenient city, with so much art and restaurants. I truly loved it, I was located right in the center of Cours Mirabeau and will walk my way everywhere I wanted to go, cafes, market and just steps away from the famous Cours Mirabeau Farmers Market. I was truly in heaven! Everything fresh, vegetables, meats, cheeses, such a big market, it’s even an area where they sell clothes. I took advantage of the availability of freshness for my cooking luncheons. I will host them at my apartment and people will come and enjoy the food and great conversations and also made so many great connections. I am really grateful that now I got as many friends in France as I got in Peru and in the United States. Walking to all the beautiful places, hearing the bells from the cathedral ringing at noon everyday, it was just wonderful!

However, I had a life change experience when I visited Sainte-Baume and hiked the mountain to see Marie Magdalene Shrine.

I will be coming back to Aix-en-Provence in a few weeks with my best friend and I am truly looking forward to it. This time for a much bigger class involving people from the past classes and new people. I am also happy to announce that I team up with two amazing women to organize this event, Zolly from Events of Provence and Nathalie from Hotel le Clos de Celony. I am so excited to be back in France and be part of their enjoyment of life and food and share my flavors again!

Merci Beaucoup le France


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