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Does Food Nourish You or Numb You?

These two questions I asked myself for a long while. And came to the conclusion that it all depends with the relationship we got with ourselves.

This was the topic of my Tedx talk audition, it is really close to my heart, I’ve been there. The chef that always cooked great wholesome foods to her clients, but would pick the wrong foods for herself to get numb and feel good, in the roller-coaster of gaining and losing weight. I didn’t have a good relationship with myself, I rejected myself most of the time while taking care of others, so I would not care what would go into my body. I was disconnected and I realized my soul was crying for connection, to be acknowledged and cherished.

If we don’t know how to manage our emotions, they take charge of us. We become anxious or depressed, have feelings of guilt, blame, shame, and if we are not aware, we usually make the wrong choices in food, thinking that junk and medication will solve the problem. Does not matter if we found the perfect diet or surgically lose weight, if we don’t know how to deal with our inner self, paying attention to what it tell us, the numb is just temporary.

Food is at the two ends of the stick, it is either good or bad for you, the choice is yours. My roller-coaster of emotions pushed me to investigate and learn more about what food does to our bodies, and how they can help us vibrate higher and reconnect with ourselves. We don’t need a specific, strict diet to lose weight and maintain the weight. Once we deal with our inner true self, the excess pounds that weight on us will be gone. Not only that, but our intuition will be open to new ideas and to truly follow our purpose in this wonderful lifetime of ours.

We are always doing the best with the beliefs and information we have at any given time. There is no need to feel bad about our past choices, there’s always an opportunity to learn from this, and change our self treatment while growing and maturing at the same time.

If this is something you resonate with, it will be my honor to help you along this journey. To reconnect with yourself, your body, bond with yourself and your feelings while at the same time, educate you to eat the right foods that will nourish your body and soul, so you can have more peace and vibrate higher by:

Teaching you how to use your intuition in the kitchen, losing the fear of cooking, starting from the basics such picking up the right ingredients at the market.


If you still don’t want to cook, I will come to your place and do it myself so you can nourish yourself and your love ones.

Message me if you are interested in working with me.



“We take care of what we value” .- Dr. Margaret Paul

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