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Peruvian Flair in Provence

Provence, Provence…Je t’aime

My third trip in less than a year, and I loved it! Every time it is a different experience and an opportunity for more personal transformation. It is something in the Provencal air and energy that is life changing, upleveling, I feel that I take one more step up to my goals every time I go there. Who knows, it also might be the solo travel that helps me put my life in perspective, but whatever it is, it is always a beautiful experience.

This time I teamed up with two amazing women, Zolly from Events of Provence and Nathalie, powerful beautiful women with such strong inspiration and influence to the women in Provence. We decided to hosts two days of cooking classes on March 11 and March 12  and teach the attendees the art of Peruvian Cuisine.

The two past times I have been in Provence, I cooked dinners at the place I stayed, but these time, with the help of these amazing ladies, we tripled the amount of people interested in learning about Peru and its cuisine and not only having me cook for them, but they cooking themselves.

I brought my recipes and some ingredients from the United States as well as bought some fresh ones from my friend Rosmery, it was so nice seeing fresh ingredients!

The classes were held at a beautiful home in Provence. Zolly set up the place perfectly for the class so people can cook and also sit down and eat after the meal was cooked.

The first day, we got attendees from France, England, Spain, Brasil, Italy, Greece and United States. When the attendees arrived, Aperitifs, such Pisco Sour and Chicha Morada, were set up, as well as hors d’oeuvres such mini Causitas and Beef Empanadas. While arriving, everyone mingled and started getting to know each other and talk about the cuisine and culture. It was nice to see that some of them knew about the cuisine and were eager to start cooking. A group of people immediately picked the Chupe de Camarones, others picked the Ceviche and others the Quinoa Croquettes. All the dishes came up delicious and I only got to direct them! After they were done, we sat down and it was time to taste the food, and it was amazingly delicious. They loved all the dishes that were cooked but their favorite and most popular were the Ceviche and Chupe de Camarones. It was a lot of fun and I got to meet great people, plus the food they cook was so flavorful. They really did a great job, you can see the pictures below.

On the second day, we had ten more people, France, Australia, Netherlands, England and United States were in attendance. It was so much fun, I loved the fact that in both classes everyone got overly excited for the Chupe de Camarones (shrimp chowder Peruvian style) and the Ceviche. This time, we got more people in teams to cook the food and they also did an excellent job. Two lovely gentlemen were in charge of the Alfajores. Everyone was really excited to be part of the cooking, we had so much fun!


It was truly a pleasure and an honor  to have hosted these classes in France last week, the merge of Peru and France was lovely, Pisco Sour, French Champagne, Chicha Morada, Soup… just awesome.

The whole experience was very soul filling and a lot of fun! I got to meet so many more people that now I call my friends, I was truly amazed at the excitement everyone had about cooking Peruvian Cuisine and learn as much as they can about it.

We have so many plans about me coming back, next time will be in May, but this time we will be focusing more about Peruvian Superfoods and nutritional meals. Truly looking forward to share this part of my expertise and working again with Nat and Zolly.

Also, women retreats are being part of our conversations, if you are interested, please reach out and I will be happy to share my experience with you and what we are planning for our future events.

Merci Beaucoup, Au revoir….

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