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Embracing My Inner Julia Child

“The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude.” – Julia Child

Every time my parents and I get together we watch a great movie. Last week the movie Julie and Julia showed up as recommended in Netflix. I didn’t think twice and we watched it, again.

However, this time it was different, I felt that I was most present while watching the movie, the other times, my mind was thinking about a million things and I didn’t really take the time to watch, absorb and enjoy.

Since I came to the US, I always admired Julia Child, she was definitely one of my inspirations for becoming a chef, I still remember her cooking show on PBS and my mom and I watching, not understanding much but we loved how she handled herself in the kitchen and the lovely food she cooked. We learned about Jacques Pepin, Emeril Lagasse through her. She was charismatic and what caught my attention the most, was her personality and her love for food and life.

Watching the movie, I felt very connected with her, the way she loved to eat good food and wine, her passion, her challenges, her love for France and its cuisine and her determination to meet her goals, she was fearless. She taught people how to cook from the very basics, and definitely her passion for French food. The fresh, good ingredients and her love of living life joyfully, despite any negatives that could come her way.

What I have I learned from her is that cooking is a unique experience, the act of using all our senses and become present in connection with the ingredients. She made cooking easy. I do love embracing my inner Julia Child. I love that just like her, I go to France to teach people how to cook. My first three times was sharing my origins with Peruvian Cuisine and I will be going back soon to teach wholesome, nutritious food. The South of France has become the place to go for me, where I am getting the opportunity to expand my business and made amazing connections and of course food, champagne and Rose!

Cooking for me is really a wonderful experience, it is about being present, feminine, delicious, sexy and very personal. I bring myself to the dishes being cooked, my energy, my emotions, my moods. When I cook, I am in full relationship with myself and the ingredients. It is a dance, an opportunity to be present and create. No recipes, just following my intuition, that is what cooking means to me.

If you are ready to embrace cooking in your life, you can also be fearless and get in the kitchen. Send me a message if I can be of help.

Much love,


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