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Letting go

Let Go….

It’s not easy as it sounds, but it’s worth it.

So many times I have been told let it go, let it go, let it go, and even though I have tried, I knew it wasn’t 100%. I know many people have the same situation, there is so much resistant to change, sometimes for fear of the unknown and not truly trusting the Universe, that something else way better is on the other side of what we are used to.

By being accustomed to the past experiences and consider them as “normal” I resisted giving myself an opportunity for something better. Even though in my head I thought I trusted, I didn’t. The cycle kept repeating, attracting the same people with different faces and same situations. When we become too  attached, we can’t longer see clearly, our perception has one more extra glass on us.

However, life is a process and we have to believe it, trust it, have patience and be compassionate with ourselves. There’s a time in life when we got no choice but letting go, it might be very hurtful, but it will pass, trust me, it will. You might be asking how? And my answer is by surrendering and becoming in acceptance of what is happening, opening yourself to what the Universe has in store for you, being ok with the path life takes you on, and going with the flow. That is unconditional love to yourself and others.

Not necessarily the blueprint we have in our minds is the life we are supposed to live. Life has better things for us in store, always.


Letting go is a way to let the past behind, our old story and detach ourselves from people, situations and things. That is a healthy way of living. It is accept, forgive, don’t take things personal, whatever other people do, has nothing to do with you.

Trust and live your life fully, filling your own voids, have fun, that is what the meaning of life is all about, that is personal power. I can humbly say, this has been one of my biggest lessons.

Like the Buddhism say, living your life unattached is the end of suffering and I totally agree.

Let’s get our power back and let’s start living our lives authentically in the present moment, letting go to what not serve us anymore. That already served a purpose, it’s time to let go….



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