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Cancha, Canchita

Cancha is a dried corn nut or Maiz Chulpe, a snack you find almost at every Peruvian restaurant. It is either roasted or deep fried and seasoned with salt, with its starchy taste perfect with any cocktail, specially Pisco Sour, and also served alongside Ceviche.

It is also used in the Andes to ease the symptoms of high altitude.

I used to tell my customers that is like crunchy popcorn, it even jumps when being cooked.

You can find Maiz Chulpe at any Latin American store or online too. It is very easy to cook, just be careful you cover the pot or skillet with a lid.

1 medium size pot with a lid

3 Tbsp Vegetable oil

2 cup Maiz Chulpe

Salt to taste

On medium heat place the pot and heat the oil. Add the Maiz Chulpe and toss to coat with the oil. Cover pot with lid, and with pot holders, shake the pot until kernels start to pop, same process as you would do with popcorn. They are done when the popping stops, about 10 minutes. The cancha color will turn to be a golden brown.

Toss the cancha with salt to taste.


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