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My Visit to Light to Earth Sanctuary

I met April and her boyfriend when I had my restaurant Runa, they were loyal customers and some  of the nicest people I met in Red Bank. When April found out I was closing, I could see her sadness of not tasting Runa’s food anymore, and we decided to stay in touch.

Since then, April and I became friends, we have got together a few times and shared our stories of life, food, cooking, since we are both chefs, but her most recent and heartfelt project, Light to Earth Sanctuary, was an amazing surprise. 

One day seated over tea, with her beautiful smile, she told me everything about Light to Earth Sanctuary, an idea that was bron from April and her friend Franki. A Save Oasis for Women, Children and Animals, who are seeking emotional & spiritual restoration on a beautiful 27 acre farm in New Jersey. Everything I heard that afternoon sounded so promising and beautiful, and April couldn’t wait for me to visit and get involved some day. 

Two years later, I was able to visit the farm, and I had a great experience. I felt like I was in heaven on earth,  just beautiful, the perfect place for healing and starting a new life. 

My trip to the farm started with a beautiful ride west of New Jersey with a previous stop to the picturesque town of Clinton, where we took the time to take some pictures and picked up some delicious lunch at The Clean Plate Kitchen. I had an avocado and chicken wrap, out of this world. Then, since April knows how much I like everything French, especially the cheese, we stopped by Fourchette, with the most delicious cheeses, nuts and oils, and the best owners with  a great hospitality soul! I bought goat cheese and chocolate covered figs, so delicious. 


After our little visit to Clinton, we arrived at the farm, and I was like wow! The environment is breathtaking, being surrounded by beautiful nature, there are no words to describe. My tour started with their garden, where April showed me the vegetables and herbs they are currently growing, and she gifted me a green pepper and some lavender. Then we went to other areas of the farm, where so many visions and plans were shared with me, intending to serve people in so many ways, I was truly in awe. 

While walking around the farm, April explained to me about how FAITH had helped them make part of their vision already a reality, such as getting the farm and being able to help many women and children already, not only with a place to stay and food, but also inspiring them to get back on their feet and get jobs and generate their own income, and some of them have already started their own foundation. Also, the team and members at Light to Earth Sanctuary have been helping many people with prayers. 


Their mission is: Mind, body, spirit transformation for all beings to awaken their God given purpose, and their vision is: A community living in harmony with the earth, animals, and families united with our hearts set on God’s love and grace.

While touring I was able to meet Esperanza, which in english means Hope, a beautiful black horse that was rescued a few years ago. I was able to meet her and comb her hair while she was eating, Esperanza was calm and friendly and a good listener, it is easy to fall in love with her! 

Then while walking around, I was able to drink water from the underground fresh spring, so fresh and delicious!


 April took me on an adventurous, fun and at times bumpy golf cart ride! When we got to the top of the hill, rolling valleys in the distance overlooked the beauty of the farm, and what she is planning to do there, brought tears to my eyes. 

I had an amazing time and experience visiting the farm, it will be my honor to be part of this amazing project and offer my knowledge and services to help with this amazing cause, so they can keep transforming lives and help people in need. 

Please visit their website for more information: http://www.lighttoearthsanctuary.org/

If you can help in any way, it will be truly appreciated. Any donation will help get their goal which is as follows:


Light to Earth Sanctuary’s next big step is to attain their land of current use, by fundraising $3,00,000 by August 1st of 2020! By purchasing this farm, Light to Earth will be able to launch and maintain the beginning of their 1 year vision; a long term residential program for single mothers and children, plant vegetable gardens and fruit tree groves for families and welcome a small group of animals to their sanctuary!  They are believing in a MIRACLE! Will you believe with them? You can donate/ pledge towards their miracle goal today by giving at their GoFundMe below! 



You can also contact their fundraising team through email with any questions: lighttoearthsanctuary@gmail.com.

A glimpse of Light to Earth Sanctuary’s miraculous endeavors have only just started. A small seed of a dream has become a tree of life for many. Light to Earth Sanctuary is a testimony that with God ALL things are possible!

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