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Healing Tea

Kick any virus out of the way with this natural recipe!

1 Pineapple peel

2 Grapefruit peels

2 Lemon peels

2 Lime Peels

2 Cinnamon Sticks

2 Turmeric Roots, sliced

2 oz Ginger root sliced

1 bunch Thyme

1/2 Gallon Water


Wash all the fruit skin and place on medium size pot. Make sure when peeling the fruit, you mainly get the inner skin layer, the white fleshy part.

Add rest of ingredients, cover pot and boil on medium high heat. Simmer with lid on for 2 hours, turn off, then let it rest with covered pot for another hour.

The taste is bitter but is a great healer tea. Drink with honey for better taste.

Feel Good!



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