Love for my Kids

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I have two amazing kids, Matt and Aly, my love for them is completely unconditional. Matt is 16, the kind of kid that is so sweet and at the same time works hard for what he wants. He is in high school and has big goals in mind. Aly is 12, soon to turn 13, my little bee, she is one of the most caring, loving and hard working human being I have ever met. She is in middle school and even though it might be challenging for her at times, she keeps going and she will thrive.

My kids are major foodies, they have grown in to my business, not always happy because they dislike very much seeing me working hard, but they can tell you a lot about foods they have tried with me, especially Peruvian cuisine. Their favorite dish is Tallarines Verdes, the famous “Green noodles” my mom makes for them, pasta with Pesto Sauce Peruvian style with steak on top. Also, Ceviche is one of their favorite appetizers.

They also love traveling to Peru!  Our last trip there was back in 2015 to Cusco and we had an amazing experience going to El Valle Sagrado and to Machu Picchu and we are looking forward to going back this year.

Even though I wish they would still be little and start all over again with them, they are growing and on their way to becoming adults. I am looking forward to always be an inspiration for them and the kids they know.

Sometimes we have our own challenges, but the message I want to send them through here is to be themselves and feel good and that I love them so much, always.