Day at the Park


The weather is finally changing here on the East Coast, is warming up little by little. Today I decided to go outside and go to my favorite park for a run, trail and some meditation. It was actually my first day of training for what is coming, unsure if it will be a marathon, cycling event or another triathlon. Regardless, I truly enjoy my time alone in the park, being surrounded by nature brings me a lot of peace and at the same time it feels good to move around looking at the trees and beautiful sprouting flowers. To me is a way to untoxic my soul.

My favorite park is so beautiful, it is really big and full of trees, has an arboretum, a trail area that I love spending time with my kids, watching them having fun at the exercise stations. It also has many amenities as well as a running track and tennis courts. The pond is where I love to seat and just BE. The park is so close to me, that I can actually walk there, well maybe :)  It is my escape, the place where I can go and just don’t care.


I also use this time alone for reflection and meditation. Becoming aware and look inside, has given me the opportunity to know myself on a deep level. Acceptance has been a big word for me so far this year, and wow, it’s liberating. When you accept what’s going in this moment, you make peace with it and have faith that is part of the process, you stop resisting and when you stop resisting, you stop all kinds of suffering, which is nothing but ego, the ego that wants to have control over circumstances. I have learn to let go and let things unfold, trust that the universe has your best interest and that you are always loved and pure love essence.


It is really good to think about your life in a positive way, and also embracing your shadows, the bad stuff that is within us that we are too afraid to bring to light, but we can never hide our shadows, they are always with us following us. Thinking about the people in your life, their mission, your business, it helps you to keep centered and positive and also realizing that every experience, every person, always bring a gift with them, and it’s up to us to see it and how we see it, is more important.

Even though I also like the gym, nothing beats nature, just breathing the fresh air makes it so much more special.

What makes your day special?