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Tamal is a corn pastry wrapped in banana leaves or corn husks, that can either be savory or sweet. It is made throughout Latin American with different flavors and fillings, however the Peruvian version is the one I love. Tamal varies according to the Regions of Peru, in Lima is wrapped in banana leaves, in...

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Lomo Saltado

Another dish that is a melting pot of Peruvian and other cuisines such Spanish and Chinese. Beef was not known before the Spaniards and they brought cows with them after 1,538 but it was really expensive since it wasn’t that available and not too many people had  the opportunity to eat them, then slowly became...

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Chupe de Camarones

Also called Shrimp Chowder, Peruvian style. A unique dish that has many different ingredients, such Aji Panca, Queso Fresco and local shrimp, giving it the Peruvian flair, worth the try, very distinct and delicious. The perfect dish for a chilly night that could also be aphrodisiac, a great dish t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Even though...

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