Artichoke Day Celebration in NYC

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Artichoke Day is on March 16th. Peru is the primary provider of artichokes to the US and on Tuesday March 20th we had an Artichoke Day Dinner Celebration at the Residence of the Peruvian Ambassador to the UN in New York City.

Three chefs including myself created 3 delicious artichoke inspired dishes. The other amazing Peruvian chefs were Miguel Aguilar, and his menu consisting of Artichoke Quinoa Quiche, Mahi mahi anticuchos with artichoke tapenade, Quinoa Pasta with artichoke sauce, Greek artichoke salad. Chef Oscar Lorenzi and his menu was Artichoke causa, artichoke chupe and artichoke-quinoa risotto style. Also the Ambassador personal chef, Bartolome Valenzia made delicious desserts and was great support for us during the event. His desserts were Chirimoya and Lucuma Panna Cotta.

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These were such creative and delicious dishes that all the guests loved, I truly admired their creativity.

I created my menu inspired from my childhood memories when eating with my grandfather and dipping the artichoke leaves in lime and olive oil and of course my  winner ceviche, my specialty when I had my restaurant, the popular shrimp and artichoke ceviche was included in the menu.

I also created an artichoke avocado toast, ideal as an hors d’oeuvre for any event, you can find the recipe here and artichoke tequenos, a wonton wrap with a filling inspired by my delicious artichoke spinach dip, accompanied with my Peruvian olive sauce. 

Guest also were available to enjoy the delicious Pisco cocktails as well as Cusquena Beer.

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