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Marita Lynn

Mission Statement:

To provide a heart base approach coaching by authentically listening  to our clients needs and goals, creating individualized nutrition and lifestyle programs for better health, wellness and more fulfilling lives.

Inspiration, motivation, action, results

“The answer is always within, by following our intuition and listening to our bodies”

My Story:

Born in Lima, Peru surrounded by a diversity of good food, family gatherings and amazing women that know how to cook really well: My grandmother, my mom and my aunts. In my family food and nutrition has been one of the most important love languages, I remember my grandmother talking about most ingredients and the benefits that they represent.

When I moved to the United States 30 years ago, I got inspired to open several businesses in the food industry, such a catering company, a restaurant and a food truck. Despite being successful, I felt little satisfaction. Running my businesses, overworked, with two little kids and a failing marriage became too much for me.  I had high levels of stress, worry and a lack of self love, that drove me to start eating the wrong foods, which made me sick and gained over 30 pounds. Salty foods and sugar became my addiction.

With the knowledge I got from my family about foods that heal, I decided to see a holistic doctor, and through him, I learned to heal myself holistically, by changing my diet and eating the right foods and using all homeopathic supplements. I healed myself from the inside out, by losing the extra weight and feeling amazing and vibrant. I started to investigate natural ways of healing and changed my cooking style to a more clean, healthy and delicious approach.

I closed all my previous business, but my passion for food has never ended. I now help people in a much meaningful way, transforming their lives, by teaching them to feel good about themselves, with food, nutrition and a change in lifestyle.


My name is Marita Lynn, and I am an Integrative Nutritional Coach and Professional Chef.

I received my education in Holistic Nutrition from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and my Professional Chef certificate from the Institute of Culinary Education. I have traveled many countries to promote healthy cooking and nutrition, including Turkey and the South Of France and many happy clients.

Member of The American Nutrition Association. 

I will be honored to work with you and be the guide in your path to wellness, using a sustainable, holistic approach.

Marita Lynn
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