Paul and Barbara's trip to Peru

I met Paul many years ago being a guest chef at one of the monthly meetings for Les Marmitons, New Jersey Chapter  Les Marmitons is a gastronomic and social club of gentlemen who have a common interest in fine food, wine and the culinary arts. Through regular gatherings, members gain knowledge and experience in the preparation and presentation of various fine cuisines under the direction of a recognized chef invited to lead the event. I have been honored to be one of the chefs that have been regularly invited to see them cook my recipes. I love the passion that Paul has for great food. He and his wife Barbara were regulars at my restaurant as well as always being part of the events hosted by Les Marmitons at Runa. They have been great supporters of my business as well as Peruvian Cuisine.

Below you can find a short description of Paul and Barbara trip to Peru, their travel agency of choice was Ancient Summit, the same company I trusted and loved when my kids and I traveled to Cusco owned by Nina Fogelman.

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Enjoy Paul and Barbara adventure to Peru!


My wife and I visited Peru a few years ago and had a wonderful experience. We signed on for a personalized tour with Nina Fogelman and her extended family at Our driver and guide met us at the airport and after dropping us at our hotel they took us for a great meal at restaurant Pescados Capitale

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"Lima is on the coast so there is lots of ceviche and other forms of fresh fish. These two are specialties of the restaurant and they both were very good!"

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On day four we visited a matriarchial weavers village where we were greeted with music and dancing followed by a foray into the hills for flowers and roots to make dye with. These dyes are used to color the wool they shear from their animals and weave into items they offer for sale. Paul was put to work in weaving a piece that might take two people over a month to make. 



The next day we flew to Cuzco where Nina met us at the airport. We immediately hit the road to Urubamba in the Sacred Valley. We spent a few days in this area to acclimate before we climbed to the top of Machu Picchu. We began to see the people and their land up close.

In Urubamba we stayed in a very nice Inn where we met a team of US dentists who had their equipment on top of their busses and were going from town to town and fixing all the mouths who came for dental work. It is very challenging to replace an entire mouth of teeth in one day! These people were dedicated! And exhausted!


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We visited Aida and her husband, Kinkulla, for lunch in a typical peruvian home. They had a collection of guinea pigs, rabbits and chickens in their yard and grow much of the food they eat. Kinkulla is an avid fisherman and Paul and he shared tips and tales even though neither spoke the other's language. Our driver served as interpreter.  

After our lunch of roasted guinea pig we left the village to visit an archeological site at Ollantaytambo and then caught the train to Aquas Calientes. Our hotel looked over the river, which was roaring by on it's way down the mountain. 

The next morning our guide collected us to catch the 6:30 AM bus to the entrance to of Machu Picchu.The mountain was still fog covered and there were very few people there to clog up the pictures. 

Machu Picchu is an amazing feat of engineering. The stone blocks were all cut precisely by hand and fitted to last. They had runningwater and baths and grew everything on sophisticated terraced farms. By 10:00 AM the place was swarming with people and we returned to town. 

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The train back to Ollantaytambo left early the next mroning. 

This woman offered her flowers for sale at a local stop on the way down the mountain. 



After a gourmet lunch in Urabamba we headed off to the Maras Salt Ponds for another interesting photo op. Salt water from an underground stream flows out of a spring and is directed into ponds where the water evaporates and the pink salt is scraped off.

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It was then off to Cusco for an overnight at the Royal Inkas Hotel and a day to tour the city. We left early the next morning to return to Lima where we found the Larco Herrera Museum. You will have to go there yourself to see the erotic display.

One last stop at the shore gave us a final shot to wrap up the trip. Peru is an exciting country with a colorful history that we barely scratched. Prepare to spend more time than you think. 

This was a trip of a lifetime. We ate lots of local food and took loads of pictures!

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Paul & Barbara Eggermann